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Pets and CBD

Furry friends can enjoy CBD too if you know the risk, pros and cons.

Two special notes here:

  1. THC and CBD receptors: Your pet(s) have many more THC and CBD receptors than we humans do and therefore are very susceptible to the psychoactive side effects of THC. NanoPlanet CBD (and many others) that NO form of THC and/or dose of THC is ok to give to your pet. You may actually be making your pet feel sicker without even knowing it and higher levels of THC can be toxic, especially in smaller breeds.
  2. Know Your DosageAs mentioned above, your pet(s) have many more THC and CBD receptors than their humans do… for this reason, in most cases any legit CBD product dosage should start at 5mg – 10mg a day. Larger animals and/or animals with special needs may need a little boost beyond that max dosage; therefore, starting low and working your way up is highly recommended.

Here is a Safe Guide to Get Started

    • Small pets: 5mg
    • Small – Medium: 5-10mg
    • Medium – Large: 10mg
    • Large pets: 10-10+mg

General Rules & Exceptions: Pets with special needs?

    • Please always consult with your Vet first.
    • Depending on the severity a good rule of thumb is to begin with a double dose using the chart above.
    • Pay attention to your pets behavior, be vigilant.
    • No THC. The argument to include THC is very weak and lacks any real scientific research.
    • Do not combine CBD doses with other medications. Instead, regardless if prescription or not… spread the doses apart a minimum of 2-4hrs. This also applies to yourself as well.
    • If your pet refuses to let you put drops under the tongue and you resort to adding CBD to their food it is important to remember that ingesting CBD through the stomach/digestion potentially cuts the efficacy of the dose in up to half.

Also note: If you see 100mg, 500mg, 1000mg on your product,- these are NOT CBD strengths… CBD is a chemical compound and does not come in different strengths, only potencies by volume. Thus, there are 10 doses of 10mg of CBD in that 100mg bottle, 50 doses of 10mg CBD in that 500mg bottle and so on. The benefit is not in the strength but rather how long that CBD tincture is going to last you and your furry friend(s) at 5mg or 10mg per dose.

Pet Dosage Chart CBD

Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Use up to 2 drops for every 5lbs. of weight. Give orally or mix with food.


Example: if your pet weighs 40lbs and you are dosing at 2 drops per every 5lbs, you would be giving your pet 8 drops. Depending on the total milligrams in your bottle (in this case we have a 30ml tincture & 500mg divided into each other equals 16.7mg per 1 ml). At approximately 20 drops per milliliter this roughly equals 1.2mg per drop. Multiply the 1.2mg times 8 drops = 9.6mg for this example dose.

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