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(844) 503-4CBD Tues-Fri : 10-6pm / Sat-Sun: 10-4pm
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Creating a Homeopathic Relationship Between You and Homeostasis
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Liquid CBD Tinctures go Under the Tongue

Full Spectrum (thc)

“Wellness is just a Few Drops Away”

CBD Tincture Store
Good luck, but Pet Tinctures Still go Under the Tongue :)

CBD Gummies

A Fun Alternative Formulated for Pain & Inflammation or Sleep
50mg CBD Bath Bombs - Say Goodbye to Body Aches & Pains
Fire sales change weekly around here :)

Broad Spectrum (no thc)

CBD dosage chart

Specialty Tinctures

Higher Dose and Specifically Designed Tinctures

“CBD Bath bombs are Tiny bits of Wellness and a Bubble”


Topicals are an Exceptional Avenue for Body Aches & Pains
An Everyday Solution for Elderly Pets or Pets with Chronic Pain